Launch EC2 instance, create EBS volume, send sms, mail, whatsapp and telegram message…

Task Description 📄

❄️ Create a program that perform below mentioned task upon recognizing a particular face.

📌 When it recognize your face then -

👉 It send mail to your mail id by writing this is face of your_name. 👉 Second it send whatsapp message to your friend, it can be anything. 👉 Third it send SMS 👉 Fourth it send telegram message

📌 When it recognize second face, it can be your friend or family members face.

👉 Create EC2 instance in the AWS using CLI. 👉 Create 5 GB EBS volume and attach it to the instance. 👉 Start the buzzer for 5 sec

Integration of ML/DL + IOT/Social Media of Things + Terraform

  1. Hello guys, we have created model for face recognition which do different operations according to recognised face.
  2. If model recognises my face then it will send whatsapp message, telegram message, SMS and mail to me.
  3. But if model recognises another person face then it will create EC2 instance, EBS volume and then attach EBS volume with EC2 instance (this AWS things done with terraform), also it will turn on buzzer for 5 seconds means for 5 seconds buzzer will buzz (IOT).

I have explained everything in detail in below video :-

Github URL :-

That’s all for today. Hope you like this practical. Thanks.

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Bhavesh S. Sonewale

Bhavesh S. Sonewale


2x Red Hat Certified | Aspiring DevOps Engineer | Aviatrix Certified Engineer| AWS | Ansible | Openshift | Docker | Kubernetes